The Yellow Houses are located 2 km away from Pyrgadikia village (20 minutes on foot) which are in the middle of the bay that forms the peninsula of Sithonia and Mount Athos.

Pyrgadikia is a Greek village in Chalkidiki peninsula. It is located in the south-east part of Chalkidiki 110 around Km south-east of Thessaloniki, built in the coast of Siggitikos bay (part of Aegean Sea). It is part of Aristotelis municipality and Panagia municipal unit. The central church of the village is dedicated to Panagia and celebrated every 8th of September.

In front of the Yellow Houses and only 50 meters away, there is an almost private small beach with pebbles and sand.

Also, 300 meters away from the Yellow Houses, there is a long sandy coast where you can find a traditional greek tavern and a beach bar.